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March 11 – April 17, 2016

Opening reception: Friday March 11 , from 7 – 9 PM

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Viewing hours: Friday 2-6 PM, Saturday and Sunday 1–6PM, and by appointment

244 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(T) 718 753 7363
ventana244.org | ventana244@gmail.com

Ventana 244: is pleased to present TWO INSTALLATIONS Kalish/Ludwig, Facade by Lisa Ludwig reconsiders the changes in, and memory of, the surrounding neighborhood. What You Make of It by Jack Kalish creates an interactive "poetry" experience.

Kalish's What You Make of It is a kinetic art installation that uses light and mirrors to display software-generated poetry. The fifteen laser-cut mirrored letters spelling "What You Make of It" hang by rotating chains connected to ceiling-mounted motors. When rotated, each letter changes the angle at which light reflects off of it, projecting messages onto the walls. Playing off the physics of light, how it behaves, and how it can be manipulated, What You Make of It creates multiple anagrams and changing meanings in the context of the moment.

Ludwig's Facade is a­ site specific installation using found objects and discarded cardboard. Ludwig has installed hundreds of small works and a projection into the glass facade and along the front interior walls of the gallery. She uses the term "facade" implying sturdiness and transitoriness in our environment. Iconic neighborhood facades such as the Domino Sugar Factory and reflections of the face we put on are suggested in this thoroughly worked over installation.