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February 8–March 2, 2013

Performances Saturdays at 5PM
February 9th: Heatre Contant and Camissa Buerhaus
February 16th: Catherine McCurry and Merche Blasco
February 23rd: Kiori and Aaron Sherwood
March 2nd: Lisa Park, Antonius Wiriadjaja and Nick Yulman

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Viewing hours: Thursday–Friday 5–7PM, Saturday–Sunday 12–6PM

244 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(T) 718 753 7363
ventana244.org |

ventana244 gallery is pleased to present the interactive installation Strings, a musical instrument that surrounds the viewer. Strands of strings tensed in oblique planes – from ceiling to floor, from wall to wall – define an architectural space. Once inside, visitors become performers, moving through the space and playing the strings to find different ranges of pitch and timbres in the instrument. The sounds are generated synthetically but, as is the case with traditional acoustic instruments, the experience includes texture, space, color and movement. Each weekend, a different musician will create a performance exploring the possibilities of this new instrument that surrounds both performers and audience.


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